My parents live about an hour from where I go to school at Truman State. They’re located in a small farming community and have become good friends with several of the local farmers including the family who runs Uptown Farms. For the very first year, this October Uptown Farms opened a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

For weeks now, my parents had been bragging about how cute the pumpkin patch was and I was ecstatic to go and see it for myself. Thankfully, the farm is less than a mile away from my parents home, so it was easy to stop in and check it out when I came home over midterm break.

Beyond the store, pumpkin patch, and corn maze the farm boasts a unique array of events for the whole family! They have a smaller straw bale maze for the kiddos, and a sensory barn filled with corn. They’ve set out various toys inside the corn so the young visitors can have a great time. They also have a tic-tac-toe board and checkers table that can be played with pumpkins! It’s seriously too cute! Visitors can also bring their own snacks to the farm and enjoy it on their provided picnic tables to make a day of visiting.

uptown farms country store

The Country store doesn’t charge admission, so come visit free of charge! Admission into the corn maze is $7 for adults. Hurry to visit! The all of the events are only open until October 31st!

The Country Store

Our first stop at the farm was to peek into the little store that they have. Inside, the sold all types of pumpkins and other fall goodies. And I mean ALL types of pumpkins. They had orange ones, blue ones, and my personal favorite, the peanut pumpkin. I’ve never even considered that many varying types of pumpkins existing, let alone being sold in one spot! My mom made some baskets and put them in the store for sale, along with other vendors and farm decor. Outside the store, they have a bunch of mums for sale. It’s just so reminiscent of fall–– cozy, and cute!

uptown farms country storeThe Animals

I love animals, and if you’re reading this you probably already know that. Visitors are able to look at two ultra cute calves (Blaze and Spot) and two ewes (Fuzzy and Wooly). All four of the animals looked so happy and healthy romping around in the stalls and having a blast.

uptown farm animals

The Corn Maze

Uptown Farms has a tractor and trailer that will transport you from the store to the entrance of the corn maze, which is super handy. When I visited, it was such a nice day so we just decided to walk, however. The maze itself isn’t all that far from the store and is a nice walk if you’re up to it. The maze itself was super big, and there was a lot of corn. I hadn’t ever been to a corn maze so I was surprised to see that there was still corn on the stalks. I don’t know why, and it seems kind of silly now but I was surprised! The maze itself wasn’t overly complicated and was a nice little walk through the corn. We didn’t get lost or anything so that’s a major bonus!

The Pumpkin Patch

Next to the corn maze is a gigantic pumpkin patch filled with a ton of pumpkins! There are pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! Just go out and pick your favorite. I wanted to take home this big orange one, but it was a little too heavy for me to lift!

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