Uptown Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

My parents live about an hour from where I go to school at Truman State. They’re located in a small farming community and have become good friends with several of the local farmers including the family who runs Uptown Farms. For the very first year, this October Uptown Farms opened a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

For weeks now, my parents had been bragging about how cute the pumpkin patch was and I was ecstatic to go and see it for myself. Thankfully, the farm is less than a mile away from my parents home, so it was easy to stop in and check it out when I came home over midterm break.

Beyond the store, pumpkin patch, and corn maze the farm boasts a unique array of events for the whole family! They have a smaller straw bale maze for the kiddos, and a sensory barn filled with corn. They’ve set out various toys inside the corn so the young visitors can have a great time. They also have a tic-tac-toe board and checkers table that can be played with pumpkins! It’s seriously too cute! Visitors can also bring their own snacks to the farm and enjoy it on their provided picnic tables to make a day of visiting.

uptown farms country store

The Country store doesn’t charge admission, so come visit free of charge! Admission into the corn maze is $7 for adults. Hurry to visit! The all of the events are only open until October 31st!

The Country Store

Our first stop at the farm was to peek into the little store that they have. Inside, the sold all types of pumpkins and other fall goodies. And I mean ALL types of pumpkins. They had orange ones, blue ones, and my personal favorite, the peanut pumpkin. I’ve never even considered that many varying types of pumpkins existing, let alone being sold in one spot! My mom made some baskets and put them in the store for sale, along with other vendors and farm decor. Outside the store, they have a bunch of mums for sale. It’s just so reminiscent of fall–– cozy, and cute!

uptown farms country storeThe Animals

I love animals, and if you’re reading this you probably already know that. Visitors are able to look at two ultra cute calves (Blaze and Spot) and two ewes (Fuzzy and Wooly). All four of the animals looked so happy and healthy romping around in the stalls and having a blast.

uptown farm animals

The Corn Maze

Uptown Farms has a tractor and trailer that will transport you from the store to the entrance of the corn maze, which is super handy. When I visited, it was such a nice day so we just decided to walk, however. The maze itself isn’t all that far from the store and is a nice walk if you’re up to it. The maze itself was super big, and there was a lot of corn. I hadn’t ever been to a corn maze so I was surprised to see that there was still corn on the stalks. I don’t know why, and it seems kind of silly now but I was surprised! The maze itself wasn’t overly complicated and was a nice little walk through the corn. We didn’t get lost or anything so that’s a major bonus!

The Pumpkin Patch

Next to the corn maze is a gigantic pumpkin patch filled with a ton of pumpkins! There are pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! Just go out and pick your favorite. I wanted to take home this big orange one, but it was a little too heavy for me to lift!

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A Weekend Getaway in Columbia, Missouri

Does anyone else go to a college in a tiny town that’s hours and hours away from another major city? Over the past three years, I’ve definitely come to love Kirksville’s charm, but it is still nice to get out of town sometimes––especially right before the midterm season.

My friends and I were originally supposed to go and visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze in Laclede, but the weather had other plans for us. The forecast for last Saturday was overcast and drizzly, making for a not fun time to be carving pumpkins and traipsing through a corn maze. So, we made a last minute decision to drive to Columbia, Missouri for a day of fun.

Columbia, Missouri Main Squeeze

Since I attended Mizzou for a year, my friends considered me an expert in our adventure to Columbia. So, our first stop was Main Squeeze, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant downtown. While I was a student at Mizzou I lived a few blocks away, and would routinely get blueberry smoothies and muffins on my way to class. This time, however, I ordered breakfast tacos and a vegan chocolate chip cookie. I think that the tofu in the tacos were spiced with turmeric and red pepper. They were perfectly spicy and tasty. The cookie was a bit undercooked but still great!

Our next stop was, of course, Lakota Coffee. Lakota is decorated in a style that reminds me of, what I imagine, a cafe tucked away in the Colorado mountains looks like. It’s rustic, and charming in a mountain home sort of way. The tables and chairs are made of wood, with the bark still attached. It’s so charming, and as a bonus they serve the best coffee in town. Per usual, I got a chai and some chocolate covered coffee beans for a treat later in the day.

Right across the street is a store called Makes Scents. Here, you can create your own scented lotion using their scent oils. You can mix and match your favorite scents to create something totally cutsom and one of a kind. I have some great grapefruit lotion, that smells really great. They also sell a bunch of candles and other goodies to make your life as relaxing as possible.

Columbia, Missouri DrinKraftOur final stop was DrinKraft for kombucha. Located in Columbia’s Arts District, DrinKraft makes their own in-house kombucha in a variety of ever-changing flavors. They also sell fine teas and coffee, as well as mixed drinks. The bartender lets you try as many flavors as you want before deciding which one you actually want to drink. The kombucha comes in small and large glasses, and quart sized jars to take home and savor. I got their blueberry sage to take home with me!Columbia, Missouri Root Cellar

Attached to DrinKraft is a local grocery store, Root Cellar. They focus on selling sustainable groceries to Columbia. They had a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables––without wrapping!! Go zero waste! All of their produce comes from local farmers, too, which is pretty incredible.

Postcards From // Mini Road Trip

School breaks in college are weird.

In high school, all of your friends lived in the same town as you, so it was super easy to meet up and get lunch with them over break. However, in college it’s totally different. Sometimes your college friends live halfway across the country, while others are fortunate enough to live only a few hours away. I’m lucky enough that one of my friends lives only a few hours away. So we decided to meet halfway to spend an afternoon catching up!

We met up at another one of my favorite places to grab a bite in Columbia, Uprise Bakery. Uprise serves a wide array of sandwiches, soups, specialty drinks, and the usual bakery pastries. I settled on a half broccoli cheddar soup, and PB&J sandwich, with a cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. The food was great (of course), but it was even greater to catch up with my friend who I hadn’t seen in weeks. College is weird like that. You get so used to seeing your friends daily, so when you don’t see them for a few days over break everything just seems sort of off.


It’s been super cold in Missouri right now. I’m talking 2-5 degrees with negative degree windchills. So obviously my friend and I didn’t want to spend any more time outside than absolutely necessary. Logically, we headed to one of my favorite local wineries, Les Bourgeois (I’ve been here a few times, including back in October). My friend and I had (another) wine tasting. This time around I sampled the Moscato, Winter White, and Traminette. My favorite was definitely the Winter White! I guess you could say that I am coming around to white wine after all! It was so fun drinking wine in front of a cozy fire!


Postcards from // Columbia

Two of my good friends are seniors at Mizzou, so it seems like I’m always in Columbia for some reason or another. My pal Britney’s birthday is next week, so I decided to pay her a visit this past weekend.

I worked a photo gig, and it ran a little late so I arrived in Columbia several hours later than anticipated. We immediately caught up over salads and soups at one of our favorite downtown eateries, Ingredient. I, like usual, got the sweet leaf salad (think mixed greens with assorted berries, and Gorgonzola – delish). But I also decided to mix it up, and order the tomato basil bisque. Honestly, I’m not the biggest soup fan but I ended up making a great choice. The bisque was just the right texture – not too creamy but not to chunky either. Next up, we went to top ten wines which is only a few blocks away from Ingredient. The tasting room was packed when we arrived! After only a few minutes of waiting we got our drinks. A glass of prosecco for me, and rosé sangria for Brit.

The next morning we (thankfully) beat the heavy brunch crowd at Cafe Berlin. I got their chai, and anonymous tacos. Tacos are easily one of my favorite foods. So no way could I pass it up, especially when they’re served with vegan sausage. I’ve been a vegetarian for going on 5 years now (which is a tough feat for someone living in rural Missouri) and I get unreasonably excited when I can substitute vegetarian proteins in restaurant dishes.

For the past several months I’ve been obsessed with succulents. I have been buying succulents online, and planting them in my mini apartment garden. Knowing this, Britney took me to Helmi’s, a garden center several miles outside of Columbia. Helmi’s had a large variety of large outdoor trees and plants in their nursery, as well as a very extensive indoor selection. They had everything from common house plants to air plants and succulents. Helmi’s even carries a wide range of antiques ranging from mirrors to glass vases. I had a really hard time picking out only one plant to take home with me, but I eventually decided on a beautifully purple echeveria, an air plant, and several mini pumpkins for an upcoming Halloween party.

Britney is graduating this spring, and one of her many dreams for her post grad life involves working in the business of small boutiques. I hope that she’ll eventually open her own boutique so that I’ll have easy access to her fabulous eye for fashion. Until then, she’ll have to take me to her favorite boutiques. This time, we visited Kelly Fields Boutique. They had a lovely fall selection of sweaters, leggings, and a lot of Kendra Scott jewelry (they even offer a discount on Kendra Scott during your birth month, so hit them up).


After my grand tour of Columbia, Britney mentioned an Octoberfest celebration that was happening in Rocheport. Rocheport is only a few minutes west of Columbia on I-70, so we hopped in our car and headed that way. Rocheport is located right on the Katy Trail, and is a picturesque little town. There were a bunch of cute houses, BnB’s, and antique shops. Octoberfest was located in a small clearing right off the trail. The festival consisted of a small stage with local bluegrass musicians, food trucks, and various craft pavilions. The festival wasn’t exactly our scene, so we headed back into town and made the decision to get pastries at Meriweather Cafe before going to a wine tasting at Les Bourgeois.

Postcards From // Columbia

Sometimes Kirksville can seem so stifling. There aren’t many good restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or boutiques in town, and sometimes I just have to leave town for an afternoon. So, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Columbia!

My friends and I stopped at Hu Hot for lunch first thing once we reached town. Hu Hot is a fast dining restaurant that could be described as a stir fry buffet. Basically, you select which noodles (or rice) you want in your dish, and add meats, vegetables, and sauces to complete it. Then, you hand over your bowl to the chefs and watch your stir fry cook right in front of you. It’s cool, and it tastes delicious so what more could you ask?

Next up, we met my friend, who goes to Mizzou, downtown. My roommate got a tattoo, while the rest of us strolled down 9th street. My friends got tarro and thai bubble tea. I got white russian ice cream, and s’mores cookies for dessert. It was so nice to pretend that we weren’t drowning in quizzes, homework, and exams for a few hours.

We wrapped up our evening at my all time favorite sushi restaurant, Kampai. Back when I went to school at Mizzou my friends and I would go to Kampai on a fairly regular basis. Not having a great sushi establishment is absolutely one of the worst parts about Kirksville. We dined on an assortment of rolls, and noodle dishes before heading to Lakota to get chai for our long ride home.