It’s after Christmas, and it seems like every post I see on social media is about resolutions for the new year. Sure, it is great to see the ways that my friends and families want to improve their lives, but new year’s resolutions never seem to really work for me. The idea of just having 365 days to accomplish an abstract goal it just wildly overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.

However, I do like setting goals for myself and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the follow through. So, I’m always in a weird predicament in terms of new year’s resolutions. 

This year, instead of trying to start a new habit, hobby, or something totally outside my typical daily life I’m going to work on solidifying the components of my zero waste lifestyle.

If you’ve been following along with The Color Gold, then you know that I’m a baby zero waster. I’ve begun my journey to reduce my waste, but I haven’t fully articulated how this lifestyle works in my everyday life. I’m guilty of having a coffee not in a reusable mug, drinking from plastic straws, and buying groceries wrapped in plastic.

Clearly, I’m not perfect. 

But I want to get better. And that’s what my new year’s resolution is about. Becoming more environmentally friendly, reducing my waste, and not buying things that I don’t need.

I also recognize that I don’t live in a perfect environment for being a zero waster. I’m entering the final semester of my undergraduate career this semester, in a tiny college town in the Midwest. Tiny––seriously! My town only has limited grocery stores (think Walmart and Hy-Vee). This makes zero wasting even more complicated.

As I’m graduating soon, I plan on having some atypical experiences in the coming year. I’ll probably have a graduation party for my family and friends, I’ll be packing up my college apartment and moving it back to my parent’s house after graduation. Then, in September I’ll be moving to another country to begin graduate school.

I also understand that even in a perfect environment living totally zero waste is next to impossible. We live in a society that it complacent on using single-use plastics for everyday products. I’m not going to change society. Just instead try and use products that are more sustainable. I’m not planning on becoming perfectly zero waste in 2019, just better than I am now. 

This doesn’t sound like a great time to start such a huge lifestyle change, but when is? Even though I’m going to be wildly busy, I still want 2019 to be about finding eco friendly products to do my part in saving our planet. 

I’m the kind of person that loves intricate planning, so here’s how I plan to accomplish my goal of reducing my consuption.  

My Plan

  1. Use up all of the non-zero waste products I own already before purchasing products that are more eco-friendly.
  2. Discover zero waste ways to pack up my apartment and move them across the country for graduate school. 
  3. Find new homes for old objects, such as clothing and kitchen supplies, that I no longer need. 
  4. Make a list of purchase of tangible items to evaluate how low waste they are.
  5. Start carrying my reusable mug with me everywhere just like I do my reusable water bottle. 
  6. Figure out how to recycle and compost while living in an apartment that doesn’t offer recycling or composting, and in a town with very few resources. 
  7. Find the best ways to travel while reducing my footprint.
  8. Pause before buying new products to find the best item in terms of eco-friendliness and cost.
  9. Learn how to throw an eco-friendly party for my graduation. 
  10. Regularly blog and post on Instagram to update how this process is going for me, and to adjust goals as I go along.

Want to join in?

It would be so fun if some of my readers wanted to go zero waste in 2019 too! Keep me updated on your journey to zero waste by using the hashtag #tcg_zerowaste

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