Let’s talk about honey. 

We all know where honey comes from, and by all technical purposes, bees are living creatures. As we know, vegans avoid all animal products—including those made by insects. With that being said, many vegans do regularly consume honey. Why is this? Is honey vegan? 


Let’s find out, is honey vegan? 

Many vegans believe that beekeeping is just as harmful to bees as livestock farming is to cows and pigs. They say that bees are forced to live in a world that forces them to adapt to a new environment that is atypical to what is found in nature. This adaptation isn’t great for the bees and causes significant stress to their lives.

Moreover, beekeepers use smoke to control the bees in order to harvest honey, which many claim is harmful to the bees themselves. These vegans argue that by continuing to consume honey negates the plight of bees in comparison to other living animals. They beg the question: are the lives of bees less important than other farm animals, such as pigs, cows, and sheep? 

Of course, we should respect the smallest members of our planet, we should also consider the other animals, other than just bees, that are harmed in the farming of plants. For example, many vegans eat plants that were sprayed with pesticides that are known to harm insects. Although the goal of eating plant-based diets is to eliminate undue strain on animals, plant agriculture harms animals anyways. Unless all of your veggies are certified organic you’re harming insects due to pesticides. Instead of strictly focusing on harming animals in plant agriculture we should instead focus our attention on the preservation of these insects in order to preserve their species for centuries to come.

As we know, the population of bees in our world is shrinking. We must make drastic changes in our lifestyle to ensure that bees are around for the future. One of the ways that we can directly support bees is through financial support of beekeepers. Buying honey or products that have honey in them allow for beekeepers to make a profit and continue beekeeping. Without bees, we wouldn’t have many of our favorite vegan foods like apples, cucumbers, and avocados.


I believe that the decision to eat honey as a vegan is 100% up to each person. If you think that veganism and the consumption of honey don’t go together, that’s fine—don’t eat honey. However, if you feel like your style of veganism allows for you to eat honey, then definitely eat it. Support your local beekeepers! Maybe even become a beekeeper if you have room in your yard.

However, the thing that we can’t do is tear each other down for our differing views of veganism. What works for someone, may not work for someone else. It’s important to be respectful of other peoples decisions and work together as a community in order to improve our planet.


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