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Ultimate Guide to Study Abroad

Hi, it's me, Danie!

the color gold began in 2017 as a way for me to share my passions—travel and sustainable living—with those around me. This blog serves as a travelogue of my trips around the globe and also documents my journey towards a more environmentally friendly way of living. Feel free to check out some of my vegan eats while you’re at it.

I studied abroad in London and it totally transformed my life. I learned so much about travel and living in a different country so I decided to create an Ultimate Guide to Study Abroad. Hopefully, the guide will ease your worries about your upcoming trip and give useful tips on what to bring and how to prepare.

A little about me: I’m a twenty-something college student in my last year of undergrad. I’m majoring in art history and hope to eventually pursue a graduate degree in the field in order to work in higher education. Until then, however, I aim to travel as much as possible, grow succulents in my apartment mini garden, and eat tasty food all while being an advocate to our planet.

Travel History

I’ve been traveling abroad for as long as I can remember. Traveling is such an important part of my life, and I am so glad that I get to share it with you.




Zero Waste & Vegan

For a long time, I’ve been passionate about the environment and preserving it for generations to come. But I haven’t known where to start. Follow me on my journey towards a more sustainable future for our favorite planet.

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