Sometimes Kirksville can seem so stifling. There aren’t many good restaurants, coffee shops, bars, or boutiques in town, and sometimes I just have to leave town for an afternoon. So, my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Columbia!

My friends and I stopped at Hu Hot for lunch first thing once we reached town. Hu Hot is a fast dining restaurant that could be described as a stir fry buffet. Basically, you select which noodles (or rice) you want in your dish, and add meats, vegetables, and sauces to complete it. Then, you hand over your bowl to the chefs and watch your stir fry cook right in front of you. It’s cool, and it tastes delicious so what more could you ask?

Next up, we met my friend, who goes to Mizzou, downtown. My roommate got a tattoo, while the rest of us strolled down 9th street. My friends got tarro and thai bubble tea. I got white russian ice cream, and s’mores cookies for dessert. It was so nice to pretend that we weren’t drowning in quizzes, homework, and exams for a few hours.

We wrapped up our evening at my all time favorite sushi restaurant, Kampai. Back when I went to school at Mizzou my friends and I would go to Kampai on a fairly regular basis. Not having a great sushi establishment is absolutely one of the worst parts about Kirksville. We dined on an assortment of rolls, and noodle dishes before heading to Lakota to get chai for our long ride home.

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